Successful people understand that ideas are just ideas until they have action. These steps will help you take action. You have an idea; it has surfaced in your mind a dozen or so times. What is your idea? A business. A new skill. Maybe you have been wanting to learn guitar. Or it could be that marathon you have been thinking about running. Challenges like these can be daunting because you feel that you don’t have the time or money or the knowledge of how to start. Do not let these factors stop you. Your idea is fantastic! Not moving forward means no success. However, moving forward with these simple steps will lead to the successful big steps.

Standing Still

You will not achieve anything by standing still.  If staying at the bottom of the mountain is your wish, then you are more than welcome to freeze your feet. However, everyone coming down will tell you how beautiful the hike is. The path follows a small stream all the way up. The waterfall at the top is glorious The valley is vast and green. You can hear all their chatter, but you will never enjoy the view until you start moving. At the bottom, it is possible to look up and see where you can be. The mountain itself could be a good view, but it does not compare to the peak. Do you want to make it to the top? Do you want to take those steps toward success? How can you get your feet moving?

Baby Steps

You are an adult, baby steps are in the past. For some reason people focus on taking baby steps toward success. Yes, babies do succeed in walking and eventually running. And it is true that small steps are needed to achieve larger ones, but it is important to get past the unbalanced wobble of baby steps. How can that be done? We can learn by the following steps:

  1. Concentrate and think. You need to take the time to think about your idea. Let it come to your mind and allow yourself to consider all the possibilities.
  2. Coordinate. Coordination is important for you too; coordinate with yourself and anyone else that could be involved and write everything down. Having that time to coordinate will allow you to make clear understanding of your ideas. If you want to start a business, you have a lot of people you can coordinate with. If you want to learn guitar, then locate a guitar teacher and coordinate.
  3. Support groups. Find your support group. People that are close to you, who can keep you accountable and encourage you. A baby’s parents cheer them on and pick them back up when they fall. Surround yourself with people who will not let you fall. Tell them your idea and ask for their support.

Big Steps

Once the baby steps are done, it is time to leave the past behind. You can take the big steps now. These giant steps are the ultimate action. Remember the mountain that you have been staring at. After baby steps you are now part-way up. The climb will start getting steeper and the final big steps to the top may be exhausting. You can do it! You need to reach your goal. If you give up, then you will not be able to see the view. Your feet must take bigger steps. You have your support group, your written idea, you have coordinated with others. Now put your written ideas in order of a plan and move forward with it. Up the mountain you go, no more baby steps for you. This last part takes perseverance, but it will pick up speed if you do not give up. Follow your plan and you will succeed in your giant steps to success.

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