Bike Gears

Bike gears up close look really cool. The layers created from the bike gears give a neat perspective of depth. Also notice how the bike gears’ teeth are not perfectly in line, rather they are staggered, adding a neat composition. I took this close up shot of the bike gears in an ordinary spot. I was walking by a bike rack on a university campus. One would look at the locked up bikes and usually not have a thought of taking a picture, but it is important to see the smaller details, like the bike gears, in a bigger picture. The bike gears up close are mostly shiny and you can even see a little rust. I walked up close to this bike and had to awkwardly squat near the ground as people were walking by. I wanted to make sure to get a neat perspective and decided the bike gears were what I wanted to focus on. Notice that I did not capture all of the teeth of the bike gears in this shot. An interesting photo does not need to have everything visible, you can leave some up to the imagination. Also, looking at the bike gears one can see that this image follows the rule of thirds art rule with the bike gears’ center point on the lower-right third of the photo.

If you with to learn about bike gears and how to gear them, look at Tuned In To Cycling and see the article on bike gears.

Bike Gears Up Close

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