Creating a Vintage Movie Poster

This poster was created based off of the vintage poster of It’s A Wonderful Life. I wanted a challenge to create a movie poster that was retro and vintage. It is a personal movie poster since the two “actors are me and my husband” . The photo was simply taken inside with a white wall background. I used a Rogue Flashbender II in order to create enough light while inside. My ISO was set to about 400 and my shutter speed to 350. My husband could not hold me long enough in the air, so I had to stand on a chair with a white sheet covering it. The post-production required research on how to make a photo have vintage colors. I found this video that helped me a lot. After following the guidance on the video, I also decided to over-expose the image and then use the Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop to highlight what I wanted to look brighter. The text is mostly all serif because that is how the original poster is. A vintage movie poster was a good challenge and I had fun creating it.

It's a Wonderful Life Movie Poster Re-creation using vintage looks through photoshop

Vintage Photoshop tutorial can be found at this link:

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