The Process of a Vector Watch

In the creation of the vector watch I first looked for a photograph of a real watch as a reference. It is hard to make a vector look realistic without a real reference. Any time I design an object I have to start at what I feel is the base. I looked at the watch and decided that my base was the face of the watch. In working from the center out I began with the dark center and then continued with the real looking metal frame which is given a metallic look by using gradients. The markings and the hands on the watch face came next followed by the slight reflection in the glass. The wrist bands was the very last piece to be created. The texture was added by taking a picture of the leather seats in my car and following the YouTube video shown below of how to add textures by Cory Kerr. The hardest part for me was the shading on the bands to give it a more 3-D look. I feel more shading can be done. Overall I am pleased with this work of creating a vector watch that looks realistic.


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