Sky Mountain Lodge Nature Paths

The Sky Mountain Lodge in Victor, Idaho is a place full of natural scenery that is quite beautiful.  The pathways pass by newly sprouting fields and mountain foothills of color. The contrast of the green with the blue sky is capturing. The lush greenery is inviting and beckons for someone to explore. Nature photography can create beautiful art, if you are someone who loves photographing nature I would suggest looking at Outdoor Photographer. Here is a link directly to their nature photography tips.

Nature All Around

Walking around the paths that surround this mountain lodge is a relaxing activity. As you can see in the images below, the small aspects of nature add to the natural scenery. The red leaves have a beautiful contrasting green background and the green pine tree with its water droplets is a great combination with the mountain lodge in the background. The natural scenery does not always have to be the large landscape, it can be the small bits of nature that sometimes go unnoticed.





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