Light Painting

Night photography and light painting¬† are an awesome combination. Light painting, sometimes called light sketching makes it possible to get well exposed photos at night. For example, the cabin picture below was taken with a long exposure to capture the stars. The cabin was lit up by light painting with a simple flashlight while the camera shutter was still open. The image of the man in chaps was taken in the dark of night. Light painting technique was used to make him and the cabin porch visible. The last image is more like light sketching, but some still call it light painting. In this case we painted the light directly at the camera instead of the subject. The camera picks up the light from the light painting and if the shutter is open long enough it will pick up the path of the light.¬†¬†Click here to see another photographer’s examples of light painting.

Cowboy wearing chaps standing against a pole on the cabin porch.

Star lit night with a wood cabin.


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