Personal Photography Portfolio: The Best to Date

This personal photography portfolio is a brief showcase of my best work. Each of these images were taken from what I feel is the best of the best of my personal photography portfolio. If you wish to see all the images check out my Portfolio page. Thanks to my COMM 316 class and a wonderful professor, Caryn Esplin, I was able to learn all the necessary skills and tips that made it possible for me to go out and take these pictures on my own.

In determining what to focus on with my photography, I felt stuck. I enjoy portraits, I love light paining as seen below with the baseball glove and divers helmet, and I enjoy landscapes. I realized that people, places, and things are my realm and even though it is broad, I can start incorporating themes and begin taking pictures of people, places and things all based off of one theme at a time. For now, these are the best of my people, places and things.



how to create a fake background in camera

Shallyn Larsen Professional Headshots

Shallyn Larsen Women of 1940

Finished Maid Marian image with wood textured background.

Shallyn Larsen Military Men of the 1940's

Shallyn Larsen Military Men of the 1940's



Shallyn Larsen Teton Mountains Gallery Piece

Shallyn Larsen The Beauties of Teton National Park

Shallyn Larsen The Beauties of Teton National Park



Fine Dining Food Photography

Catching Motion in a Photograph

Bike Gears Up Close

Shallyn Larsen Photographing Products Eos

Shallyn Larsen Pictures in the dark

Shallyn Larsen World War 2 Memorabilia

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