Catching The Natural Surroundings

Outdoor product shots are very fun to take as you already have a beautiful scenery. The hard part is not gathering too much in that scenery. The oil has a nice outdoor, fresh background.The background to a product needs to be distinct and help to separate the product so that it stands out.

benissimo basil and sun dried tomato natural oil

Creating The Light

Indoor photography can be challenging in a different way. Here it is important to create the light and make it look natural. At times the light can look yellow or blue. It is important to use good lighting and have your camera’s white balance set to a good setting. The EOS chapsticks required a lot of light. I had natural light around me but had to light the bottom of the EOS chapsticks with flashes. The sides of the EOS were initially too dark and needed flashes as well. Then I had to have a flash held above the EOS to get the logo on the pink chapstick container. Overall there were 6 flashes surrounding the EOS chapsticks as well as the natural light. The plexiglass below the EOS creates a great reflection and bright area. EOS have a creative shape that makes them fun to photograph. Megan McGregor is another individual that has found EOS products fun to photograph:¬†


Eos blue and pink chapstick







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