Key Concept

Since summer is just around the corner, I wanted to take the time to design a summer icon set. These picnic icons are what came to mind. I initially wanted to do a garden theme, but struggled to make be creative with it. My sketches show the initial garden idea and then the picnic inspiration that finally came.


As mentioned previously the initial sketches were not what I went with, however, they did lead me to the the picnic theme. The idea of the picnic theme came to me as a sudden thought and I happened to be in a room with a dry erase board. I drew out some quick images on the board and liked the idea of a picnic. I knew that they would not all intel the same shape and so I would be able to get a variety which is what I wanted, but overall the theme would include picnic items that would fit perfectly into summer.

Beginning Process

I began with very simple vectors. I wanted all the fruit to have the half circle shape to it and then I would make the jars the same. As I started I felt that my designs were too simple and needed more contrast and depth. That is why the jar ob peanut butter and the bread with jelly on it have more detail than the other designs. The grape jelly jar is what the peanut butter jar looked like before I changed it. There were too many strokes and I needed to figure out how to make it stand on its own. The apple and strawberry have thick strokes too that I decided needed to be changed.

The Finished Product: After the Mishap

Always save your files in multiple places! I had finished 8 of the 12 designs and then my file was corrupted and lost. I could not recover it and had to start over. The outcome, however, was better. Since I started over, i was able to see with fresher eyes and changed a few of my initial designs. Some of the feedback that I got was mainly about the thick black lines and the face that fruit needed more depth. I was able to recreate the bread and condiment jars like they were. The fruit underwent a change and I decided to leave out the strawberry and allow for veggies to be represented by a carrot.

Looking at the 12 icons it is easy to see the established theme. They were created in a way that depicted a constant light source from the upper-right. Some icons are similar, like the jars and the bread, however, each had to be altered so that it would depict the product. For example, jelly is not as smooth as peanut butter. That is why the the jelly has been created with bubbly details and the peanut butter with less curvy lines. Overall, this icon set is ready for the summer picnic season.

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