Light Painting

Did you know it is possible to take amazing pictures in the dark? This particular technique is called light painting. Literally it is painting with a flashlight. The pictures below were taken using this technique. My favorite two pictures, the baseball theme and saddle were simply taken by using a small (pin-point) LED flashlight and running it directly along the areas that I wanted to be illuminated. Since the lights were completely out and it was dark, the background is still dark. However, the subject is lit in a unique way. Here is great video that explains the process even better. In this video she does light up her background, if you wish to have a dark background in your picture then use a smaller flashlight and point it directly at the subject being sure not to hit anything else.

Old leather baseball catchers mitt with baseball

Leather horse saddle in the dark with little light.

Black and white image of giraffe statue with spotlight.

Old leather boxing gloves in the dar.

Old printing press letters on red fabric with focused light to spell time.

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