Red Storefront: Ordinary Spot Extraordinary Shot

This red storefront was taken in a very ordinary spot. The downtown streets of Rexburg, Idaho contains many old storefronts and this red storefront is one of them. Standing across the street this red storefront caught my eye as it had the old rustic Open sign out front and the worn green chair. The red storefront and green chair make for an excellent contrast. The other storefronts are reflecting in the window and I made them and the Open sign black and white by creating a second layer and using my brush tool in Adobe Photoshop. I made did this to bring in the rustic look and make the red storefront stand out. This antique red storefront is the entry way to an antique shop that contains many unique treasures.

I have found other unique storefronts and think it would be neat to start searching out architecture like this to photograph.

Red Storefront

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