Beautiful Teton National Park

The Big Picture

The Tetons are quite a sight to see, however sometimes the Teton National Park weather hides its magnificent mountains. To some not seeing the Tetons perfectly can be a real let-down. But the clouds in the sky this day, although they hid the Teton peaks, added more of a mysterious perspective. The Tetons’ deep blue color really stands out agains the white covering. In Teton National Park, there is more to photograph than just the Tetons’ themselves; the barn below, lies in front of the Teton foothills and adds variety to the park’s landscape.

One of the best places to see great landscape photography is National Geographic. They even have an article of Landscape Photography Tips.

The Smaller Details

Teton National Park has many other details that can be captured in pictures. The fence for example was a fun perspective to capture. It has a great composition and provides more detail about this national park’s landscape. The pine cone also adds to the park’s scenery. It is easy for the Tetons to take all the attention from the visitors at the park, but the smaller details should not be missed. If they were, then Teton National Park would not be as amazing as it is.


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