Memorabilia Details

While at the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg, Idaho, I took a variety of pictures with a focus on details and World War 2 Memorabilia. The World War 2 diver’s mask is meaningful because it describes the job of the individual who used it. The World War 2 army uniform hat, says a lot too; from it, we know that the wearer was part of the United States Army during World War 2. We cannot ignore the small details of the memorabilia that we find.


In the images below I did not simply take a photo of the whole memorabilia piece, just part of it. The first image below shows the under part of an old World War 2 Army jeep. The second image is the hood of that same World War 2 jeep. They are opposite perspectives but give the viewer a different and interesting angle. The last image is of a World War II plane propeller from the Legacy Flight Museum. I could have taken a picture of the whole propeller or even the whole plane, but just part gives it a neat focus.

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